Farewells of Mt. Auburn, Poetry by Mark-Curtis Dunn

Genre: History, Life, War

Farewells of Mt. Auburn

Crisp Spring after last snow melt
Greens buds atop a frosty hillock.
Forest branches reach to azure turned golden
Where beneath emerald, secret paths among headstones
Meander up hill and down to strain the breast.
Only intimates would know
Demure scrolled marble weary white by the years
Still to bring gasps and tears for those who rest.

Bonded in serenity as in life
Infant child, doting mother, upright father
Cast into grief so sudden, long sighs to heave
Until joined once more
With mirror grey granite blazoned names.

Hillside helmeted herald
Pearly wings outstretched, spear at the ready,
Proclaims in perpetuity
Such a gift her forbears beneath brought
To span that earthly chasm
Between light and shade, friend and foe,
Before temporal borders close the day.

Maiden sphinx sarcophagus,
Mighty, majestic, martial,
Hosts phalanx ghosts
Lock step, bayonets drawn, wheel to flank
Amid clamor, clash, and red calamity
On many Little Round Tops,
To bind the laws for freedoms all.

Departing day drapes
On shadowy granite gate,
Sylvan sequestered sanctuary spires,
Terraced turreted tower.
Give air to all creation.
Care for these souls who remain in trust,
Humble markers to obelisk monuments,
And light their crown celestial unceasing.
— Mark-Curtis Dunn
© 2016

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