Genre: Rhyme, Life

Last thing I remember,
Violent movement,
Forceful pause,

Two colors shining bright.
Red, blue, red, blue…..
Loud sounds
And slowly, I drift.

I wake up with head ache
Tubes in every hole possible.
Painful tears begin to roll.
Memory sea begin to flow.

The year
When our women fought
Equality they wanted
Freedom they chanted,

Their motif was drawn.
Their goals became reality.
Women must work!
Women shall vote!

The head ache is back.
My memories start to fade.
I hear men in white coat call it a name,
Amnesia or so.

My memories now running away.
Please, give reasons why I am alive?
What\’s the whole reason for my existence?
I am becoming history.

My eyes shot open
The light becomes painful.
I slowly sighted a lady,
Her nudity very unpleasant.

The world am in.
Women call rags fashion
Their nipples are in tears.
The way they flaunt it becomes unholy.

My vision of the world reverse.
A woman\’s body becomes worthless.
How soon do they forget,
How fast do they become wayward.

We forgot the fight,
Amnesia is kicking in,
I rather die than stay in this world.

Where a woman\’s body is prized
Where women can\’t carry themselves high.

All for the sake of men.
Men who are fully clothed.
Men who fall for the inner woman.
Men who would eventually disappoint.

I rather run
Far from the world, never to return,
Till my sex is an honour,
Till women ride men.
Till women crown kings.

To be dominant
She has limits.

To be successful
One must work.

To be a woman.
We must have dignity,
She must be proud,
I must be graceful.

My time is up.
Amnesia has won.
My good memories gone!

I shall return .
When my sex wears clothes.
When my sex isn\’t an object of pleasure.
When my sex obey rules of decency.

I shall return.
If this amnesia would be gone!


    * * * * *

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