Screenplay MOVIE: PINK LAVA, by Sharon Powers

Visual Design by Kimberly Villarruel

Produced by Matthew Toffolo

Logline: Follow spirited and charismatic 13 year-old surfer girl Saylor as her FOMO fuels her crafty schemes to explore beaches and situations outside her self-perceived confines of living on an old houseboat, going to school and working in her mom’s surf shop.

SAYLOR RYAN – Esther Teebo


MELANIE RYAN – Danielle Nicole

NARRATOR – Matt Barnes

In order to surf Saylor’s favorite surf break for an epic swell, Saylor devises a plan (lie) to ditch school telling her counselor she needs to leave to help with her mom’s surf club. He wants her to be more involved in activities so happily lets her go. After a series of mishaps, she doesn’t make it to her favorite spot, she ends up surfing the only place she did NOT want to surf at. This is the following scene where she is caught in her lie.

By WILDsound Festival

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