Corners, Poetry by Jonathan Baltzly

Genre: Rhyme, Animal, Dark Corners by Jonathan Baltzly In the darkest corner Of the darkest night Some one yells, “Hey, boy’s! Let’s have a fight!” A dog then whispers, “Hey, not a bad idea, Perhaps we evade the devil’s sight.” “No,” says the chipmunk “I cannot go with you; Two days’ more and I cannot… Continue reading Corners, Poetry by Jonathan Baltzly

Fred the Llama, Poetry by Alia Sheikh

Genre: Llamas, Animal, Rhyme Fred the Llama. by Alia Sheikh, England Why did Fred lick the teacups and wear the teapot on his head? Well, Fred was a Llama, and he liked tea. Also maybe his head was cold. Maybe he wanted, today of all days, to look special. Maybe it was a defence against… Continue reading Fred the Llama, Poetry by Alia Sheikh