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7 Questions with Founder Zachary Jones

7 Questions with Founder Zachary Jones

via 7 Questions with Founder Zachary Jones.

Novel Festival and Contest Review. Next Deadline to submit is Oct. 31st

Here are some recent testimonials of past submitted works:

I am so impressed with your feedback that I will submit the finished novel into your competition not so much as to try and win the competition but rather to get the valuable feedback I need at a reasonable cost before taking the novel further.
– Francis Connor
The Devil’s Bridge, 1st chapter novel

Interesting feedback. I too have come to the same conclusion you have. I will resubmit, rewriting the opening chapter and taking out the narration of the dead man. I was seduced by the idea, but agree he becomes a distraction and a filter.
– Elisabeth Appell
Elements of Betrayal, 1st chapter book

Thank you for the festival and the feedback. This book hit its target. To provide a broad base from which others can continue the story.
– Roland Hughes
John Smith: Last Known Survivor

Thanks for your insightful and highly constructive comments on my novel submission, “Victoria The First”. Clearly, your reader(s) read the manuscript carefully and thoroughly. Your overall assessment of “a great read” has encouraged me to dive back in and tell this story the way I know I can.
– Bill Osinski
Victoria The First: A Novel, Full Novel

Thanks for your thoughtful critique. And how you pin-pointed all of the many grammatical errors in this novel draft. The notebook passages were meant in part to convey that vitally important moral and political distinction (Ariel is something of a marxist for a reason, after all). I am sorry it was not made more clear in the narrative. Again, thanks for reading my novel with such care.
– Christopher Bernard
Voyage to a Phantom City, Full Novel


FULL FEEDBACK on either the 1st chapter or entire novel book from our committee of Professional Writers, and Writing Consultants. Get your novel performed by a professional actor at the festival.

MY WAY, Watch Winning 1st Chapter Reading by Deryn Warren (recent winner)

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