WALKING WITH GHOSTS, Poetry by Lucy Williams

So cold and wet was it that daggers seemed to fall from the sky in the shape of rain.

We stood staring each other in the eye,

Book-ending a rubbish strewn alleyway in the worst part of town.

With that confident smirk on your face I knew you thought I didn’t have it in me.

Brushing your sodden brown hair out of brown eyes, the rain sparkling off your long lashes in the lamp light, you told me as much.

Pain, Poetry by Muthoni Ngige

Genre: Sad, Anger, Dark, Pain Pain by Muthoni Ngige I curse the day I saw your pain, undigested sadness, unexpressed anger, unseen truths as my own reflection. I curse the paths we walked sharing our shadow freely, like friends on a confusing journey in time everyday. I curse the thought to question your darkness, to… Continue reading Pain, Poetry by Muthoni Ngige