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Writing Festival Testimonials for Today

For anyone starting out, I cannot recommend a better competition to enter. Since rewriting my script based on their constructive criticism I have placed in a handful of semifinals and finals that I don’t believe I would have reached without their feedback and continued support.

– Kim Godfrey-Hempsall, ERASER, TV Pilot

Thank you so much…wow, your feedback was amazing!

– Janie Fontaine, ILLUSIONS, Short Script

Thank you WILDsound Team for a very helpful/insightful critique of Godz of Clay

– JJ Palazzii, GODZ OF CLAY, Feature Screenplay

Wow is what I have to say to your feedback. I donโ€™t disagree with any of your comments.

– Kirsten Wohlgemuth, NOT TO TALK ABOUT UNTIL NOW, Full Novel

Thank you for the excellent feedback.

– Jeffrey VanDavis, THE HOTEL ROOM, Feature Screenplay

In response to your request to my thoughts about the feedback: Good overall and thoughtful. Nice work, and you can’t beat the price.

– Paul Myerberg, MURDERED BY THE IRS, Feature Screenplay

Thanks so much for that great feedback! When I have a bit more of a budget, I might consider having you guys perform some of it, as many people have already told me they can see it as a movie…

– Leslie Miller, THE GIRL WITH THE HALF AND HALF FACE, 1st Chapter Novel

A note to let you know that I thought your review of “Unconditional Love” was right on. Thanks for the encouragement regarding the basics of the thesis. Also, your comments about the weak points were well make.

– Chet Shupe, Unconditional Love, Short Story
I just wanted to say THANKS for the feedback. It was very specific, detailed and makes a lot of sense. It helped me to consider a lot of what I hadn’t considered before. I really do appreciate the time you took to prepare this and I feel this was money well-spent. I will continue to work on this and send to you again in the near future. Thanks again

– Robert People, First Lady, TV Pilot

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Today’s Testimonials. Recent submitters Feedback on the Feedback on their work.

Thank you very much for your notes! They are spot-on. I agree that the story should probably focus more on Peter’s dilemma. If it ties in with Phuc’s heroin operation though, I’d need to walk that fine line of developing the subplots enough without overpowering the main story.

– David Chan, Family Guy TV Spec

Thanks to you and your team for such excellent and detailed feedback. It’s clear that those reviewing the script have put a great deal of time and effort into breaking it down and assessing it professionally – and we’re very grateful. We particularly appreciate the fact that both the strengths and the weaknesses have been highlighted, so we can see what we’re doing right, as well as which elements need work.

– Sara Myles, TV Pilot (May Contain Nuts)

Your critique of “Dear Prudence” is REMARKABLE! I am ever grateful for it… as it is time to rewrite the story; the invaluable examination is the most in-depth and inspiring that I have ever received. Thank you, endlessly. It is TRULY an inspiration for me to recreate.

– Amanda Grieme, Full Novel (Dear Prudence)

Thanks for the great advice! I worked on the “drama” this morning and I can see what you mean. I’m grateful for the amazing feedback! The turtle wins the race, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

– Amy Kierce, 1st Chapter (Onion Grass)

The feedback was excellent and highlighted the weakness of tne writing skill, but I need more time to be “polished” I will use my feedback wisely and will give a thumbs up for wildsound to any screenwriter that is looking for feedback.

– Todz Wriging, Feature Screenplay (Bill The Pirate)

I am most pleased with the overall tone used in your feedback(s) given. Not offensive, constructive, and unlike some others out there. I have also found them all to be detailed and precise enough, with a more than adequate angle of pursuit given to me for any further rewrites that I should undertake.

– Charles Laulette, Various Feature Screenplays

Thank you so much for your feedback. It is thought provoking and helpful. I feel the urge to go back to line one and make the scenes a lot more punchy.

– Darryl Greer, 1st Scene Screenplay (The Morning After)

I appreciate the time taken to read and provide this feedback, and have found it very helpful. I am currently in the process of applying the suggested changes, and am likely to resubmit once I have done so.

– Christopher Barlow, Feature Screenplay (Injustice)