Today’s TELEVISION SHOW Pitches and Loglines

Submit your logline for FREE today (Any type. Any genre) READ TV SHOW Pitches: Title: SLAYERS Written by: Jeanelle Gordon Genre: Drama, Horror, Action Type: TV PILOT Title: LOOSE CANNON Written by: Jennifer Bouani Genre: Drama Type: TV PILOT Title: CACTUS SURFING Written by: Doctor Lisa Cohen Genre: Dramedy, Family, Mystery,… Continue reading Today’s TELEVISION SHOW Pitches and Loglines

Today’s Novel Loglines and Pitches

Read today’s novel pitches: Submit your own Free Logline to the Writing Festival Today: * * * * Title: GUARDING SHAKESPEARE Written by: Quintin Peterson Genre: Crime Drama * * * * Title: NO GREATER GLORY Written by: Cindy Nord Genre: War, Drama * * * * Title: GRAY RAINBOW JOURNEY… Continue reading Today’s Novel Loglines and Pitches