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Ground Zero, Poetry by, Melissa R. Mendelson

Genre: Life, History, Spiritual, American, Patriotic

Ground Zero
by, Melissa R. Mendelson

The subway rocks me asleep,
and I forget.
The city streets shake with noise,
and a million footsteps thunder
against concrete.
And I become lost.
Time ticks by,
and everyone is on schedule.
Nothing breaks their routine,
but I pause.
I stop to remember
what took place
so long ago,
and I see yesterday
standing there
with tears falling against darkness.
And I remember the wave of emotion
that gripped me,
that threatened to drown me,
but I rode those waves
with my pen.
And the city became alive once more,
and we walk a million moments
of our lives,
But do we still remember,
or is it easy to


    * * * * *

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