Video Pitch for Stiletto, by Lori Kay

Watch Video Pitch for the Novel “Stiletto”: Get to know writer Lori Kay: 1. What is the theme of your story? The theme is overcoming who we think we are to see our souls honestly. 2. Why do people need to know about your story? Although things are changing in seeing the LGBT community, there… Continue reading Video Pitch for Stiletto, by Lori Kay

Read today’s NOVEL Story Loglines

Submit your FREE Logline/Pitch today of any genre or type (feature, novel, short story etc..) Read today’s NOVEL Story Loglines: Title: SCORN KILLS Written by: Suzi Albracht Type: Novel Genre: Horror/Thriller Title: CORNELIUS Written by: Tanya R. Taylor Type: Novel Genre: Paranormal, Adventure, Romance, Suspense Title: Stiletto Written by: Lori Kay… Continue reading Read today’s NOVEL Story Loglines