HER NAME IS ALSO – WOMAN!: Poetry Reading by Deepak Menon

Watch the Poetry Reading of HER NAME IS ALSO – WOMAN!: Poetry Read by Becky Shrimpton 1) What is the theme of your poem? ANSWER BY DEEPAK MENON:- The poem explores the “Enigma” that is known as “Woman”, the silent giant cradling all that is emotional in the world because I think that women have… Continue reading HER NAME IS ALSO – WOMAN!: Poetry Reading by Deepak Menon

Read today’s NOVEL Story Loglines

Submit your FREE Logline/Pitch today of any genre or type (feature, novel, short story etc..) http://www.wildsound.ca/logline.html Read today’s NOVEL Story Loglines: Title: SCORN KILLS http://www.wildsoundfestival.com/scorn_kills_by_suzi_albracht.html Written by: Suzi Albracht Type: Novel Genre: Horror/Thriller Title: CORNELIUS http://www.wildsoundfestival.com/cornelius_by_tanya_r_taylor.html Written by: Tanya R. Taylor Type: Novel Genre: Paranormal, Adventure, Romance, Suspense Title: Stiletto http://www.wildsoundfestival.com/stiletto_by_lori_kay.html Written by: Lori Kay… Continue reading Read today’s NOVEL Story Loglines