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Submit to the Thriller/Suspense Festival via FilmFreeway

Submit via FilmFreeway:

I always thought that once a film is finished (or abandoned, as someone said once…), it no longer belongs to the filmmakers – it belongs to the audience. This festival is the perfect illustration of that. I very much appreciate the fact that your audience took the time to watch MEDIATION in the first place, and then chose to stay after the screening to discuss it. As a writer-director, I couldn’t ask for more – if there is an audience that cares enough to talk about a film I wrote and directed, then I’ve done my job.
– Francisco Lorite (Mediation Short Film)

The monthly festival that showcases the best of Thriller/Suspense Genre Stories and Films from around the world.

Next Festival Dates:
October 27 2016
February 23 2017

Submit your film or story and get it showcased at the Festival.

Screenplay Festival occurs monthly. Watch the 2016 winners:

January 2016:
January 2016 Thriller/Suspense Films/Screenplays/Stories

February 2016:
February 2016 Thriller/Suspense Films/Screenplays/Stories

March 2016:
March 2016 Thriller/Suspense Films/Screenplays/Stories

April 2016:
April 2016 Thriller/Suspense Films/Screenplays/Stories

May 2016:
May 2016 Thriller/Suspense Films/Screenplays/Stories

June 2016:
June 2016 Thriller/Suspense Films/Screenplays/Stories

July 2016:
July 2016 Thriller/Suspense Films/Screenplays/Stories

August 2016:
August 2016 Thriller/Suspense Films/Screenplays/Stories

September 2016:
September 2016 Thriller/Suspense Films/Screenplays/Stories

– With THRILLER screenplays and films, there will always be a market. This is a genre that will always be popular. Agents and producers are always looking for the next great writer and the next great filmmakers who tell great THRILLER stories. So if that is you, we will showcase your script or short film and make sure the right people see your work.

Deadline August 25th – Thriller/Suspense Screenplay Festival (Save $15)

A FilmFreeway preferred festival:

Thriller/Suspense Screenplay Readings Performed in 2016 (as of May 2016):
13 – Screenplays Performed
4 – Feature Scripts
3 – TV Pilots
4 – Short Scripts
2 – Best Scene Scripts

(Scroll down and watch winning performance videos)

Get your screenplay performed by professional actors at the Thriller/Suspense Festival.

The #1 Thriller/Suspense Festival and Contest in the World today!

– 0ffers screenwriters, novelists and storytellers at all levels the fantastic opportunity to hear their stories read aloud using TOP PROFESSIONAL ACTORS (see below for recent performance readings).

– One of the best places in the world for the writers to sell their script and/or obtain and agent.

– No matter what happens, you will receive full feedback on your work by our established committee. No other place in the world will you get coverage for the price you pay.

– Even if you’re just looking for feedback of your work, this is the festival for you.

– It’s there for all to see. The proof is in the viewership. These videos garner 1000s of views online. Some of the screenplay readings are more popular than actual studio films made!

– We specialize in showcasing Thriller/Suspense stories and making sure that when the work is ready, the writer will benefit by at least obtaining a solid agent.

The RULES are simple:

1. Write a story. Edit the heck out of it. .

2. Email your work to submission@thrillersuspensefestival.com   in .pdf, .doc, .wpd, .rtf, format. Or, if submitting your film, please send us a Vimeo or download link.

In the body in the email please add your:
– TYPE OF WORK (short film, TV script, Feature script, short script, novel, short story)
– (optional) and a 1-2 line synopsis of your story/film.

PLEASE ADD YOUR FULL CONTACT INFO (especially email address) on the title page of your work.

3. Pay the $35 submission fee ($15 off regular submission) via the   button here:
Buy Now Button

OR, Submit via FilmFreeway, the exclusive way our festival accepts submissions.:

WATCH Winning Thriller Screenplay and Story Readings: