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Read Today’s Selected Poetry: CETACEAN, by Stephen J. Jacobs I WISH ONE DAY, by Saiz I WISH ONE DAY…, Poetry by Saiz WHITE PROPAGANDA, by SM Cadman THE STORM POETRY, by Gayila Bolden THE SOLDIER, Natasha Singleton HOW DID I COME TO THIS, by Catherine Adams Webb MY MOMMY, by 13… Continue reading Read Today’s Selected Poetry:

Dedicated to my teachers, Poetry by Vishal Verma

Genre: Relationship Dedicated to my teachers by Vishal Verma On the way to pinnacle, Without your lessons it wasn’t able. You taught us the lessons of life, Are priceless and suffice. From beginning till the end, To your’s our hand held. In the midst of river, You taught us how to stear. In the darkness,scarce… Continue reading Dedicated to my teachers, Poetry by Vishal Verma