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Read Today’s Selected Poetry: CETACEAN, by Stephen J. Jacobs I WISH ONE DAY, by Saiz I WISH ONE DAY…, Poetry by Saiz WHITE PROPAGANDA, by SM Cadman THE STORM POETRY, by Gayila Bolden THE SOLDIER, Natasha Singleton HOW DID I COME TO THIS, by Catherine Adams Webb MY MOMMY, by 13… Continue reading Read Today’s Selected Poetry:

I WISH ONE DAY…, Poetry by Saiz

Genre: Romantic, Love, Relationship I WISH ONE DAY… by Saiz She is a maiden beauty Smiling at me her lone duty However beautiful she looks But never again she looks So, I wish one day she’ll be my wife. One day I know she’ll be my life. Her passing by me is similar To meetings… Continue reading I WISH ONE DAY…, Poetry by Saiz