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Who are we?, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

Genre: Society, Life, Political

Who are we?
by Patsy Jawo

To dictate to others
Because of our bothers
To hate and victimize
People’s rightful ways
To live and exist freely
As what they were created to be
Not who we want them to be
Or indeed what we want to see
Disgusted by what we don’t want to see
Really disgusted by our own Selves
Disgusted by our own intolerance
Hatred we know is unfounded
Which we then compound into sets of values
Beliefs we merely create then stand by
As principles we hold dear and true
Pure fiction of the mind and intellect
Imagined based only on fear and lies
Fear of the unfamiliar and uncommon
Familiarity grows through fertile tolerance
And having things in common with others
Is achieved only by our acceptance
Lies so common we believe and trust them
Accept them without question or cares
Lies that started out as rumours
Of what we thought went on behind closed doors
Truth is even if the rumours happened
Who are we to judge others?
Or tell them what to do and be
Who are we to define what’s normal?
For normality of life is all encompassing
Life creates what it wants in us
Makes of us the very diversity that is living
Defines for us through that variety
Everything that is true, perfect and right
So who are we to question?
The very essence of life
That is our collective existence
As brothers and sisters of all
In and through every plant and human
Every vegetable and all land
For within every molecule
Imbued in every atom for sure
Without a single exception
Is the truth in all its galore
We can choose to wholly fortify
And be totally unified
Who are we to do otherwise?
Yes we have many options
Yet we opt for destruction

This is dedicated to every thought, feeling and action that calls for equality, equal opportunities, diversity, inclusion and all laws against all discrimination. Thank you for the inspiration and for pushing those of us that need to, into making a stand for our Selves, to be who we want to be and most of all to be who we are and nothing else.

    * * * * *

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