TV SPEC Screenplay Readings 2014

I’m so happy I entered my TV spec script into the Wildsound contest. The feedback they gave me was really helpful, and it was clear that the person critiquing my script was familiar with the show I was writing for. Seeing my script performed by actors was very rewarding. I highly recommend this contest to any aspiring screenwriters.

– Cara Rothenberg, TV Spec winner for the show “Parenthood”

2014 was an exciting year for performing television show scripts from existing shows. We ran the gauntlet showcasing scripts from conventional network TV, to obscure animation shows, to cable television.

This year we showcased 8 TV Spec Screenplay and we guarantee to showcased at least 15 in 2015. Watch the readings performed by professional actors here:

Here are the 2014 Television Spec Winners:

RICK & MORTY “Crime and Punishrick”
November 2014 Reading
Written by Michael Kellner

MODERN FAMILY “Chairity Case”
November 2014 Reading
Written by Josh Bressler

ARCHER “My Name is Archer”
August 2014 Reading
Written by Jay Mayhoffer

PARENTHOOD “Don’t Give Up On Him Yet”
June 2014 Reading
Written by Cara Rothenberg

SOUTH PARK “Follow Your Dreams”
June 2014 Reading
Written by James Tison

MOM “Strip Poker and Guilt Trip”
June 2014 Reading
Written by Micah Goldman and Griff Kohout

April 2014 Reading
by Ibba Armancas

NEW GIRL “Summer’s Over”
February 2014 Reading
Written by Micah Goldman & Griff Kohout

Watch TV SPEC Readings since May 2013:

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