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Screenplay Festival: February 8, 2018 Event

The FEEDBACK Screenplay Festival’s 6th event of 2018 gives you a full reading of the winning TV PILOT screenplay. Plus, readings of 5 best scene readings, 5 short screenplay readings, and a TV Pilot 1st scene reading.

If there was a theme to this evening, it would be “Your past always comes back!”

Full Cast list: Val Cole, Gary Graham, John Fray, Kelci Stephenson,
James Dooley

TV PILOT – FAMILY SECRETS, by Allison Osborne

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Abigail Sullivan thinks she’s successfully run from her mob past, until the FBI catches up to her and gives her an ultimatum. Help them catch the rest of her criminal family or go to jail for the rest of her life.

Cast List:

Alvarez: Gary Graham
Ryker: James Dooley
Narrator: Val Cole
Brad: John Fray
Abigail: Kelci Stephenson

1st Scene Reading – THE LAST CAMPOUT, by Mike Meade

Genre: Drama, Thriller

A couple gets lost in the woods.

Cast List:

Kevin: James Dooley
Man: Gary Graham
Narrator: Val Cole
Bill: John Fray
Chelsea: Kelci Stephenson

TV PILOT 1st Scene Reading – BY TOUCH, by Robert Cox

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama

Anton Michaels is a college professor with a gift. To some people in the police force Anton is used to help catch criminals with his abnormal psychometric abilities. After an explosion at a nuclear power plant leaves one man as a prime suspect, Anton is called in by his friend Father John to help find his nephew David who he swears could not be involved with the rigged explosion but has mysteriously disappeared.

Cast List:

Jimmy: James Dooley
Woman: Kelci Stephenson
Narrator: Val Cole
Anton: John Fray
Father John: Gary Graham

TV PILOT Best Scene Reading – WHAT THE HELL, by Melissa Willis

Genre: Comedy

A single-camera comedy that follows a free-spirited young woman who’s lost everything and her four friends who are all forced to recreate their lives and themselves one humiliating, semi-permanent situation at a time.

Cast List:

Jamie: James Dooley
Narrator: Val Cole
Amy: Kelci Stephenson
The Messenger: Gary Graham


LGBT Best Scene Reading – LOOK IN MY EYES, by Eddie Baca

Genre: Drama

Gay sober military man meets Crimean Muslim taxi driver in NYC.

Cast List:

Narrator: Val Cole
Eddie: John Fray
Karim: James Dooley

SCI-FI Best Scene Reading – THE ITALIAN VACATION, by Claudia Marinelli

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Drama

Racing the boundaries of infinity in space.

Cast List:

Narrator: Val Cole
Giordano: Gary Graham
Rachel: Kelci Stephenson

Sci-Fi Best Scene Reading – THE REBORN, by Andrew S. Fisk

Genre: Sci-Fi

A world-class scientist is abducted by six people he brought back to life….and transformed into invincible warriors.

Cast List:

Carl: John Fray
Ellen: Kelci Stephenson
Narrator: Val Cole
Paul: Gary Graham
William: James Dooley


SHORT Screenplay Reading – AFTERLIFE ESTATES, by Laina Burgess

Genre: Comedy

Key figures and gods from all of the world’s religions meet at the Afterlife Estates office to go over the year’s numbers.

Cast List:

Guru: James Dooley
Narrator: Val Cole
Allah: Gary Graham
Noah: John Fray

SHORT Screenplay Reading – THE ORDER, by Jean Buschmann

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

If all the world’s a stage, who’s behind the curtain?

Cast List:
TV Commentator: James Dooley
Max: Gary Graham
Narrator: Val Cole
Nadia: Kelci Stephenson
Ethan: John Fray

SHORT Screenplay Reading – MOTORIST, by Julie Thor Fryd

Genre: Drama

“A depressed used-car dealer tries to convince a motorist, who every night runs over wounded animals, to also run him over”

Cast List:

Jeep: Kelci Stephenson
Narrator: Val Cole
Volvo: James Dooley
Ford: Gary Graham

SHORT Screenplay Reading – THE TRENCH, by Chris Beadnell

Genre: War, Drama

After successfully shelling the German trench on the Somme battlefield, the British soldiers move in to clear the area of any enemy survivors.

Cast List:

Eason: John Fray
Carter: Gary Graham
Narrator: Val Cole

German Soldier: James Dooley


Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Director: Kierston Drier

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: John Johnson

Camera Op: Mary Cox

TV SPEC Screenplay Readings 2014

I’m so happy I entered my TV spec script into the Wildsound contest. The feedback they gave me was really helpful, and it was clear that the person critiquing my script was familiar with the show I was writing for. Seeing my script performed by actors was very rewarding. I highly recommend this contest to any aspiring screenwriters.

– Cara Rothenberg, TV Spec winner for the show “Parenthood”

2014 was an exciting year for performing television show scripts from existing shows. We ran the gauntlet showcasing scripts from conventional network TV, to obscure animation shows, to cable television.

This year we showcased 8 TV Spec Screenplay and we guarantee to showcased at least 15 in 2015. Watch the readings performed by professional actors here:

Here are the 2014 Television Spec Winners:

RICK & MORTY “Crime and Punishrick”
November 2014 Reading
Written by Michael Kellner

MODERN FAMILY “Chairity Case”
November 2014 Reading
Written by Josh Bressler

ARCHER “My Name is Archer”
August 2014 Reading
Written by Jay Mayhoffer

PARENTHOOD “Don’t Give Up On Him Yet”
June 2014 Reading
Written by Cara Rothenberg

SOUTH PARK “Follow Your Dreams”
June 2014 Reading
Written by James Tison

MOM “Strip Poker and Guilt Trip”
June 2014 Reading
Written by Micah Goldman and Griff Kohout

April 2014 Reading
by Ibba Armancas

NEW GIRL “Summer’s Over”
February 2014 Reading
Written by Micah Goldman & Griff Kohout

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