Genre: Political, Society, Rhyme

by Rodrig Andrisan

Motto: Do not wait for leaders;
do it alone, person to person.
(Mother Teresa)

There is nothing but this rhyme,

Once and twice upon a time,

Intelligence is in the air,

If you don’t catch it, don’t despair!

You can buy new brain in shop,

Much more better, at the top,

It comes with a tasty free meal:

Equal opportunities for real.

“It is Christmas every day!”

The MI6 announced today

So, forget about your sorrow,

‘cos it will be the same tomorrow.

You have to admit that is cool,

Everybody must obey the rule,

You’ll never have to use your card,

Expenses are supported by The Scotland Yard.

It’s the time for every wish,

You can have whatever dish,

We have already the eternal life,

It was pronounced this morning by The MI5.

Relax, my fellow citizens, at ease,

‘cos soon will come the love disease,

Absolute everybody will love everybody,

So told me and for sure Bin Laden’s daddy.

And precious Upsy Daisy feel the same,

For all the evil things, I am to blame!

That’s why I love the rainy days, it is a bliss,

For me, UK it means “the ultimate kiss”.

And Tooth Fairy made me a bumble bee,

With a precise reason, that you can see,

We will be pure from now, no caca,

I know for sure from Macca Pacca.

But, if you don’t want to dance the twist,

You can remove yourself from Santa’s list,

So, sing together: Quack, Quack, Quack,

In Downing Street is Donald Duck…

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