Genre: Women, Sexy, Life, Hurt, Reputation, Pain, Sad, Society, and Philosophical.

by A.J. Ramirez

All smooth and clean
Smelling all different flavors
As a child you wouldn’t thinking about it
As we get older Pink Lipstick becomes a hot topic

Condemned to most
Ugly duck in the eyes of others
Ignored and looked last wasn’t lasted
Pink Lipstick received more even when Outcasted

Confidence confined
Beauty accepted by men from the outside
Pink Lipstick still men’s first and last rides

Pamper the Pink Lipstick
Received attention that was never desired
Especially falsely admired

Pink Lipstick still gets love and affection.
Lies of men, Flatter themselves with Deception
At the end Pink Lipstick shouldn’t be mistreated
For its a girl’s private and pure possession.

A.J. Ramirez

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