Matter of Facts, Poetry by Mia N. Bonds

Genre: Relationships, Rhyme

Matter of Facts
by Mia N. Bonds

Jealousy is a tool of war
An emotion I refuse to entertain
Especially when the situation at hand is so hard to explain but
Who can predict the outcome when the heart monopolizes the heated discussion with the brain…It becomes impossible to refrain…From the onset of extreme disdain…
When the catalysts for the eruption is the reason for all the strain
So we submit to the norm…In it’s rarest form
Manipulating the linguistics of action before the fabric is torn
You can’t put out a fire when the lovers have already been scorned
There’s no fourth wall in this movie we were never supposed to be warned….
So we say fuck drastic measures and relish in momentary pleasures…Under the guise of happiness…But I will not be trapped in this …These grounds are where relationships go to die…When two parties stop fighting they rarely survive…There is not enough oxygen for us both to thrive…So if you’re fine merely existing…Give me the chance to stay alive…Maintain your foolish pride…Keep convincing yourself of the truth in your lies…Cause when the baggage is set aside all we have is choices…We either put down roots…Or continue to drive


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