A Midnight Rendezvous – the 32nd Psalm, Poetry by John Hansen

Genre: Rhyme, Friendship, Dog, Animal

A Midnight Rendezvous – the 32nd Psalm

by John Hansen (c) 2014

‘Twas midnight when I chose to wander
Down the dark foreboding streets.
For my failed attempt at slumber
Is just one more of my defeats.

Street lights shone upon the pavement,
Though dimly through the heavy smog.
My sense acute to every movement,
What was that? .. Oh just a dog!

Hat pulled down to meet my collar,
Shoulders hunched against the cold.
Gloved hands fumble for a dollar,
At times like this I feel so old.

The late-night diner’s sign says “OPEN”,
I push through the creaking door.
The city hasn’t yet awoken,
A cleaner sweeps the grimy floor.

A board above the cafe’s counter
In chalk says “Special of the Day”.
I brace myself for the encounter,
Like a sinner who’s about to pray.

Her eyes survey me as I enter,
The smell of coffee fills the air.
I am not here for idle banter,
But lift my hat and smooth my hair.

“Black!” The only word that’s spoken.
The woman looks at me and grins.
The coins I have are just a token
To help absolve me of my sins.

I lift a chair from off a table
Far back in the darkened room.
Coffee helps to keep me stable
But doesn’t help expel the gloom.

I rest my chin upon my arms,
Start to contemplate my life.
Then she strolls over with her charms,
“Is there anything else you’d like?”

My only friend, no not quite that,
In this garbage bin of life.
I give a nod and tip my hat
To my twenty dollar wife.

I take a note from out my coat,
At least to pay I’m able.
She kneels upon the vinyl floor
And crawls beneath the table.

Not a single word is said,
My money coats her palm.
She smiles and bows her pretty head,
I recite my favourite psalm.

I put my troubles to arm’s length
For just the shortest time.
This brief encounter gives me strength
For the mountains I must climb.

I stand to leave, my conscience clear,
As she sits and wipes her mouth.
I close the swinging cafe door
And walk towards the south.

Arriving home I shower and dress,
Then take some time to pray.
All my sins I must confess,
It is the Sabbath day.

At church I give my sermon
About avarice and greed,
How the Bible has the answers
That all of us should heed.

Never judge your fellow man,
If you sin don’t cast a stone.
You cannot walk in other’s shoes,
You must face the Lord alone.

None of us are perfect,
But God forgives our sins,
So live your life the best you can
And leave the rest to Him.

My friends, if life gets desperate
And you think you’ll do some harm,
Just open up “The Word of God”
Read the 32nd Psalm.

By WILDsound Festival

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