Daylight, Poetry by Angelica Paste

Genre: Friendship, Song, Audition, Memories, Sad, Best friends, Strangers

by Angelica Paste

I looked it up after it came to my mind.
I clicked.
FYI, this isn’t the original because I wanted an acoustic.
I always did.
And then it starts playing.
And then I start to listen.
And then I start to go back.
There weren’t any flashbacks,

    because if there are,
    I will see myself

being nervous and covering my face

    but still mouthing the lyrics.

And I didn’t know what the both of you were doing.

    Were you laughing,
    or staring?
    But right now, I don’t really care,
    because I heard your laughs
    so many times
    because I know,
    when there’s something I’m going to tell,
    you were always there to listen
    because now,
    it’s either we walk pass by,
    or just stare at each other.

And then I knew why there weren’t any flashbacks,

    because I tried not to remember
    what I was unable to forget.

By WILDsound Festival

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