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Full moon, Poetry by Adams Duniya

Genre: Nature, Beauty, Life, Uncertainties, Hope.

Full moon by Adams Duniya

This bald asterisk
Over cottoned sky-high:
Wide-height, with silver hue
Has thou cast. In slow-line crawl
By soft retractile attendance –
Resolute for celestial harmony,
Has heavens splendour, thou calmed.

Let thy pseudo feet –
Ever soiled in resoled purpose
All earthly heaving, suck;
And every sigh’s brim
With sensuality, smear.

O, attenuate my love
I behold Sky Boy! –
It’s baby-hour-out; but
To what do we owe this visiting?
Let those tales recycle
And us, wisdom re-hear!

Trace thy trails
To the firth thou please;
Thy silent symphony holds
Our hearts to solemn assembly.
Nature has moulded thee sybarite;
The heavens have crafted thee sylph.

To our vain pilgrimage here below
Render a surfeit of thy grace
And galvanize us against the scourging
Sun of life. But night: of evil souls,
Do not leave us to it –
When thy health’s beginning to ebb.

* Taken from my book, “Polygons” – By Didam G.A. Duniya
(Partridge Publishing, 2015 | https://www.amazon.com/Polygons-Didam-GDuniya/dp/1482805812)

    * * * * *

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Hear Me, Poetry by Jeanette Lambert

Genre – Hope

Hear Me by Jeanette Lambert


When I’m very ill

All I’ve got is a pill

When I want to go bang my head

My only thought is being dead

Of course I’m very unwell

Nobody I would like to tell


When I’m upset and feeling bad

Don’t shout at me or be bad

For I don’t know how I feel

Oh my Lord this is unreal

Give me time to say what right

Is there any happiness in sight?


Oh dear Lord what can I do

Feeling so weak and feeling blue

Cheer up you always say

Is there any good coming my way?

All I want is to be well

Or all I’ve got is living hell


For I am so depressed

Not the same as all the rest \All I see is a black hole

Wish I set myself a goal

So I take one day at a time

Whether it is good or just fine


I wake to see the sun

That’s another day just begun

What do I do now it’s here?

Be said and shed a tear

Or be happy with so much joy

Like a child with a new toy


Maybe the day starts bad

The start crying and feeling sad

I think it’s time to sleep

To dream a dream but not too deep

Then I awake feeling new

Feeling happy and forgot my blues


I found a place called Mind

I did not know what I’d find

I go there most of the week

The people are gentle and meek

I like to do work of art

I love it with all my heart


When the morning comes I can’t wait

To go and talk to all my mates

I play the scrabble game

Tell me I’m not insane

If I don’t know what to do

Then I come and talk to you



When I go home I’m all alone

Just talking to my dog or on the phone

Then it’s time for bed

Just to rest my weary head

Will I sleep all night through?

Or will I wake and make a brew


The day starts over again

Don’t make a fuss or complain

Listen to some music and dance

Maybe life worthy one more chance

If it’s not, then I won’t lie

Give me the pill and let me die 


Can I take one more day

To make me see happy ways

Shoe me all that’s good

I have done all that I would

For my life I need to change

When does it will feel strange


Carry on taking the pills

Then my mind will be still

To get everything off my chest

Then maybe I will feel my best

Until then I will remain

Felling hurt and in pain



I just hope one day

All my troubles will go away

I need someone to help me cope

All I just do is live in hope

That doesn’t help my spinning head

Just can’t put everything to bed


For this is a morbid story

So give me life with come glory

For then I will have life to live

For I have so much to give

For I am true and kind

But that’s not the reason I go to Mind


I got to Mind to chill and relax

That’s the truth and that’s a fact

Different people I do see

I’m glad I’m here and it’s free

Then when it’s time to do

For what’s tomorrow I don’t know





    * * * * *

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