A Poem for Mothers, Poetry by Caleb Owusu

Genre: Love, Family, Relationships

A Poem for Mothers
by Caleb Owusu

I’ve climbed,
I’ve ran helter skelter
In the midst of childish and
youthful exhubearnce In Years.

Every time the sun scorched my forehead
there was a comforter who softened
and straightened my naughty ways..

When I made mistakes
there was a corrector who sat me down
just to brief me about the tricks of this life,

When I was In pain there was
a BIG heart that I always confided
In to dry up my tears,

When everything seemed to be so distorted,
there was this person that always
showed me the way to the promise land.

Like a coin,
you shaped and levelled
my edges printing your good ethics
of life In me just to make
me that extraordinary person..

Today I glitter!
Today many wish to have
me In their pocket
because I was formed and

Made by The Master class
of You a Mother!

An epitome of excellence
and the shield to which I
ran to whenever the world frowns at me..

Today as the World Celebrates Mothers,
I shout your Name Mother
for I’m proud to be from your

Today, I paint your good deeds
to the World because you’re the
Important engine that has kept me
running all these years..

I Love You Mother!

By WILDsound Festival

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