Ephemeral happiness, Poetry by Asdfghjkl Qwertyuiop

Genre: Love, Relationship, Sad, Death

Ephemeral happiness
by Asdfghjkl Qwertyuiop

Tears falling, heart broken
Left in a lurch, loud scream
But nobody can hear
Heart crushed into peices
Left by the love
She thought would stay
Punished for falling too deeply in love
No, it wasn’t her fault
It’s all her damn heart
Beating for a man
Who guised love
He made her believe
that he was the canopy
He always wanted to be
..when he’s actially
The tempest..
The eave that would lave
Everynight in her thoughts

She’d like to stop reminiscing
the happiness she had with him
She never thought she’d be left
By a man who once was a stranger
Oh, how was he able to fool her?
When she was so damn wise all this time
His face ang aureate was this deceiving?

“am i dreaming?” she once asked
But no, i wasn’t just a drea,
It was nightmare guised as fantasies
She was trapped
Trapped in the feelings that she
Would never thought she’s have.
The feelings she had no idea about.

It truly is fascinating
How happimess can never be long enough
To be realized, to be cherished
But long enough
To be rembered, to regret as well
To cry for not seeing the truth

So now..
She swore that for a lifetime
Her heart shall remain empty
Away from woeful feelings
Away from ephemeral happiness.

* * * * *
* * * * *
* * * * *
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