I hate that I love you so much, Poetry by Zari Riley

Genre: Rhyme, Relationship, Love, Dark

I hate that I love you so much
by Zari Riley

One touch from you, and I was stuck to you like super glue.
Two kisses upon my lips, and I lost feeling through my finger tips; you had me so weak, that I needed you to carry my spirit and my pride that no one could possibly love me as much as you did.
I love you so much, so much. Absolutely too much.
The temptation of your body against mine on a sunny day, that your presence covered me with shade, and I forgot about how lonely I was yesterday, so I wanted you to be my comfort always.
But as the rain fell the day after, I knew you wouldn’t stay.
And as my pride lessened, I knew that no one could possibly love me as much as you did.
And as my lonliness grew, your comfort that I wanted lessened too.
I hate that I love you so much.
Because everytime I think of you, I always see something that I knew, but I lost it to someone , whom I felt didn’t deserve you.
Three nights of stolen comfort you took from me.
Four tears, that stung my face, but I liked the pain, only because it always stayed with me.
Five fingers, balled up into a fist,
I hate you,
I hate you,
I hate you,
I hate you!
I hate you, but I love you so damn much, that my hatred didn’t even matter anymore.
Six weeks of missing you, and I thought love would never restore.
It was like seven bullets to the heart, though, I never been shot, but I figured it was damn near close to the feeling.
Eight stares; I kept glancing at you with her.
You seemed happy, but I knew something better.
I knew that you still loved me because after that nineth glance of you, you took the tenth one, staring back at me.
I hate that I love you.
I hate,
I hate,
I hate,
But I still love.

By WILDsound Festival

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