The Fear of Losing Her, Poetry by John Kavanaugh

Genre: Relationships, Pressure, Romance, Inspirational

The Fear of Losing Her by John Kavanaugh

I have grown from finding her off putting to being deeply in love with her. I sometimes question if my love for her is as strong as I want it to be due to past experiences in my life. I spend nearly every waking moment thinking of her. I want to live life to the fullest with her, but I fear the worst will occur.

I am so important to her and she is so to me as well. She thinks of me as different from all the others. She would pick me to be the only other person besides her to still be left on the planet. She believes that I am so special to her when I always believed of myself as not important to anyone. She keeps my spirit up and keeps me going through the struggles in my life because I know that she is there for me.

I fear that I will end up in the pile of all the people that mistreated her. That I am no different from the ones that have hurt her. I know that there is always someone else out there for me, but I do not want to lose her. She is like a diamond to me in a pile of dirty stones that I call the world.

People will say that she is not wanted, but I want her. I want her to always be there for me while I am always there for her. I want her to always be my teammate through the entire game of life. I want to always be there to let her know how important she is to the world.

She has been treated unfairly by nearly everyone and I want it to stop. I want her to love herself. I want her to understand how amazing she is because she lets me know how amazing I am to her.

It is a constant fear that I dread to occur, but I have to realize that I must not do it for what I want. I must do it for what she needs. Love, compassion and respect. Everything and even more that she rightfully deserves that the ignorance and selfishness of society has refused to give to her.

She is my true love and I must accept that. No matter what others and time say. She is the one for me and I am the one for her. If fate does not want us to be then I must accept that, but I will not let it deteriorate my love and respect that I have grown for her.

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