Read the June 2015 TWITTER Short Story Winners – 25 Stories!

Read the TWITTER Short Story Winners for June 2015. 25 Winners in total.

The best of 140 character short stories! All 25 Winners will now have their story made into a short voice over film.


Dinner for Two by Ana Rodriguez

She set the elegant table for two to celebrate their anniversary.
A glass of wine to toast she raised to an empty chair and picture frame.



Sun sets over the horizen, glooming down on forrest.
Mary stands in train station, whiping her tears and waving good-bye to Joseph.


BUTTERFLY by Frances Sheehan

Sweet Butterfly! Quick! Grace my eyes with your perfect form

as you flutter gorgeous gossamer wings in the breeze.

Then you are gone!

Thank you for your visit.


MOVING ON by Sam Brandt

Her feet dangled from the rocking bench. His would have touched. She swung lightly as the moving van arrived. They’d lived here 65 years.


Latte Art by Darian Young

“You are a mosaic of the people you meet,” the woman said as she sipped the coffee that swirled with the faces of everyone she’d ever seen.


Keeping House by Jean Bonin

He expected her to keep the home fires burning, while he spent his time any way he saw fit. Then she got a lawyer and he kept himself warm by a hobo’s fire. She kept the house.


Diminished by Ann Marie McDermott

A hand, a leg. He couldn’t remember the next;

An ear, a nose an arm.

As the light of dawn exposed his loss, his only solace a single tear.


Because I Can by David Stokes

He looked at the knife in his chest and then up at the woman. “Why?”
“Because I can,” she said, and he closed his eyes and died at her feet.


Facebook “Dangers” by Paloma Beach

I saw her, after 20 years, my heart skipped 2 beats… my life was now complete.


Consequence of lying by Marcus Ako

It was such a stupid question to lie about on his application; Are you colour blind? How could that haunt him? Now, which is the red wire?


The Hardest Good-Bye by Sean Patrowich

Tears on Mary’s cheeks were still present as she watched him walk away. He didn’t wave or look back, just left. Aj’s first day of school.


Moon Talk by George Masters

A boated, varicose moon hung over the city. I watched it and listened as it told me my future.


Nostril Mine by William La Rochelle

Elegant restaurant. A refined beauty in formal dress is seated and sneaks a pick at her nose. Busted by waiter when HUGE bugger emerges.



I can’t leave my room because I’m afraid the man in the mirror is going to murder me. What choice is he giving me? I must kill him first.


Rigtone by Katie Sandberg

Ringtone: She hid in the shadows, moonlit clouds coursing by above. The killer was walking by. Until, ping! – a new tweet declared itself.


The Drowning by Catherine Bain

The tree saw her distress and lowered its long branches into the pooling river but Ophelia could not reach to save herself.
The willow wept.


Shoes by Joe Lunne

Emily loaded all of her black pumps into the red Jaguar’s backseat. Then drove away. Leaving him everything…everything but the shoes.


Freedom and Carnage by Eric Benac

Few people stopped to look at the angry dog when it barked, but they couldn’t stop staring at what happened when its chain finally broke.


Not Enough by Christina Black

She smiled.
She also smiled.
They kissed & the world stopped.
For them, that one second, was enough.
For the rest of the world they weren’t.


Benniale by Mikhail Zheleznikov

Ben and Matt are grown up twins. One day Matt realizes that he is Ben, but he can’t prove it, as they have always looked exactly the same.



To market to market went my brother Jim,
When somebody threw a tomato at him,
Tomatoes are soft while in the skin,
But this little bugger was packed in a tin.


Run by Rosa Pace

Run, run with the keys to the kingdom in your hands. Run despite the chain holding you back and the shadow over your head. Run, never stop.


Only a name by Ellie Dias

He turned to the obituary page. People with families left behind. He was alone in the world. All he had was his name. Who would write his?


Unknown Rider by Melissa R. Mendelson

She flinched at her name. He knew her because of the past. Her future self had said, “One day, you can’t exist, but you will.”


The Sad Chair by Emma Garland

Suki stared at the sad chair. It called to her, softly.
If she relented, she would soon be heavy with grief but she yearned to sink into it.

    * * * * *

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Deadline June 20th

By WILDsound Festival

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