Apocalypse, Poetry by Katie Allen

Genre: Rhyme, War, Violence

by Katie Allen

Apocalyptic activity is nigh,
Screeching cries pierce the searing sky
Judgement day of reckoning beckons,
Universal mega scale implosion
Within minutes sucking us to skeletal dry.

> Paroxysm mass destruction
> Geo-hazard annihilation,
> Cataclysmic devastation
> Armageddon decimation,
> Catastrophic eschaton.

Let the Bloodbath commence…
Incensed that our earthly world slash globe,
Enveloping to burnt trash amassed
Such spherical environmental surroundings,
Now towards rapid meltdown convulsions
Beyond extremely horrendous misfortune,
Critical launching fireballs, deathly orbiting!

Looming clouds of cocooned booming doom,
Eschewed stench-fragrant exhaust (per)fumes
Consumed forlorn yet booming humans zooming in absolute hysteria,
No point staunchly evading the God Damn Truth
Biblical Prophecies becoming ultimately true.

By Katie Allen

* * * * *
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