Feature Screenplay Submission Testimonials from WILDsound Festival

Read a WILDsound Festival Review. Various comments and opinions from writers who submitted to the festival.

FULL FEEDBACK on all submissions. Winners get their screenplay performed by professional actors.

Submit your feature screenplay today: http://www.wildsound.ca/screenplaycontest.html

Testmonials (updated weekly):

As usual, totally impressed by, and very appreciative of, the below critique! Thank you so much and I will work on the edits you speak of in my next draft.
– Michael Zamanis
Drive-Thru, Feature Screenplay

Thank you for the very informative feedback. I really appreciate the diverse perspective that was given. Again, thank you.
– Jamison Derfler
God’s Will, Feature Screenplay

Thank you so much for the very helpful feedback!
– JR
Not Another Vampire Story, Feature Script

Thanks very much for the feedback!! It was a bit brutal to read. But thanks again very much!! Now I have a bit more direction and certainly got more than my moneys worth. I’ll use this service again for sure!
– Jeremy Jagusch
Last 30 Days, Feature Script

Thank you for the detailed feedback. Whoever did this feedback is a caring person with heart!
– Doris B. Gill
Rembrandt and the Seedlings, Feature Script

Thanks for your feedback, you don’t know how much it means to me, I agree with you on the points that need to be changed, but I’d like to add that the Kuwaiti family are not going to stay in the series for two long, they are just there for two more episodes that’s all, and the reason why is that Mubarak will be murdered and David Cortiez is his soon, so he goes to Kuwait to investigate what really happened and finds the killer.
– Asim Abraham
Blood Brothers, Feature Script

Thank you so much for your feedback; it is very appreciated.
– Melody Stewart
Indigo, Feature Screenplay

Thank you for the wonderfully insightful feedback. I’m elated to hear Heart of Fire has such potential.
– Brittany Arrington
Heart of Fire, Feature Script

First, thank you for your efforts and the interest you have shown. I appreciate your help.
– James Lillie
Fagan’s War, Feature Script

I’ve read over the notes you have provided a few times and appreciate the depth of feedback I can work with.
– Adam Geddes
A Hole in the Dark, Feature Script

Thank you for the feedback! Spot on, I’d agree, since it parallels most of the comments I’ve received to date. Yours however will now act as the final straw to my long holdout.
– Mark Moore
I am Champion, Feature Script

Thank you. Very helpful.
– Elizabeth Appell
Moon Walker, Feature Script

Thank you so much for sending me this feedback. It was brilliantly encouraging and and has given me some key elements to work on. Please thank the committee for me and I’ll look forward to submitting again in the future.
– Storm Reece
Ten Days, Feature Script

This feedback has useful specific comments that will help with rewrite. thank you.
– Lois Wickstrom
Bad Luck Game, Feature Script

Thanks for this feedback, it will prove very helpful as seen from someone’s else POV.
– Pavel Petrovich
The Return of Ferion, Feature Script

The script is so much better, something I’m extremely proud of, and I have Wildsound to thank for the great feedback that allowed me to create a far more powerful drama.
– Robert Ward
Flat Pennies, Feature Script

Thank you kindly for the wonderful notes on Miss C. I think your site is a wonderful opportunity and I would be honored to resubmit most the changes you have so accurately pointed out. Blessings.
– Kelly Karam
Miss C, Feature Script

What can I say except wow. Of all the ‘coverages’ I have had in the last two years of this story, yours is the most comprehensive in that it points out things that make sense and are specific. You have given me a map by which to go about tightening up my story. I am truly grateful that you have put in no small effort in producing this report.
– Angelina Carkic
Legrand, Feature Script

Thank you very much for this feedback. Very interesting comments.
– Benjamin Lorenzo
Princess to the Rescue, Feature Script

Thank you so much for the feedback and thank you for the notes.
– Cameron Lovas
The Last Full Measure, Feature Script

Crazy helpful feedback! Rewriting now!
– Tracey Thomas
Alone, Feature Script

Needless to say I couldn’t be happier with the feedback on 66 West. This script has been developed with no small assistance from WILDsound. I submitted to the “feature competition” and got some very useful feedback, mostly about pacing. I am aware of my writing enough to evaluate useful from useless feedback. Using the useful feedback from WILDsound I set about the rewrite. Long story short, the outcome is what won this time around.

Thanks for everything.
– Chris Willis
66 West, Feature Script

Thanks for the Feedback, which was useful. It is particularly useful when you give page references to your comments.
– Michael Faunce Brown
Slave Children, Feature Script

I loved the reading! It was so entertaining from the first page to the last and I loved seeing the actors’ interpretation of some of the scenes. I think Susan and Julian did great with their roles, and Andrew did a great job portraying Ryan–almost how I imagined him when writing the screenplay. This was such a fun opportunity, seeing a full reading in voices that weren’t ones inside my head when writing this story.

Thank you again for this awesome experience!
– Sean Elwood
I’m Not Here, Feature Script

I liked the feedback will resubmit after I do a rewrite with the recommendations.
– Ron Herrsche
Hookers, Feature Script

Thank you very much indeed for your comprehensive feedback on Teapots and Treachery. As this was my first screenplay for a featue film all of your comments (many of which echo others I Have had from The Black List) make me realise I have much to learn and much to do to produce a good and potentially viable script.
– Gabi Plumm
Teapots & Treachery, Feature Script

I have written several screenplays with feedback requested from Wildsound, along with a novel. The feedback was EXCELLENT. I personally use Wildsound with any project that I consider important, in terms of having an assessement.
– Harold L. Brown
Hope is Not a Black and White Rainbow, Feature Script

This is an excellent contest that gives useful feedback. It can be difficult to get honest, unbiased critique that can help make your material better, but Wildsound points out what you’re doing well and what can be improved. They are fast, friendly, and professional. I will definitely enter again in the future.
– Maria Hammarblad
Undercover, Feature Script

I’ve had a great experience with the WILDsound screenplay contest. The feedback for my screenplay arrived right on time. It was thorough, insightful and very helpful in guiding me during the revision process. The table read of my screenplay was recently posted to YouTube and to the WILDsound website and, by all accounts, it was a wonderful experience!
– Kyle Jenkins,
The Fix Factor, Feature Script

WILDsound is a screenwriter’s treasure! They take enormous time to provide the most expert, detailed feedback, even allowing my choice to incorporate all the Committee’s ideas or stay with my draft. With caring support, they’ve honored each deadline and every award they promised, and I’m forever grateful for Matthew’s right-on insightful niggles to enhance my story. Matthew and WILDsound provide everything a screenwriter needs to find the way to a story’s successful completion. I’m forever grateful!
– Elan Carlton
Cahoots, Feature Script

I recently entered and won a reading. WildSound took my feature screenplay and pushed it back to me with some solid compliments as well as concerns as it regarded structure. As a writer, I recognized that my script had some issues but it was not until I read the feedback that I understood, truly, how to apply the fix.

With that said, I was invited me to enter the script again and was told that if the changes had been addressed, that my script would likely be ready for a reading

To the point, I was pleased with the script analysis. Their advice helped me craft a more significant product. And a few days ago, I was notified that I had won a reading.

WildSound provided significant coaching and understanding as to my scripts strengths and weaknesses. To win again would not be the point. To simply submit everything I write from here on out is all I feel I need to take all of my projects to the next level.
– Michael Sieve,
Rum House, Feature Script

We’re extremely satisfied with the administration of the WILDsound competition. We were offered the opportunity for a table read of our script. Okay, I admit it. We were skeptical. We weren’t convinced they could do an effective reading of such a large-cast script. But they completely blew us away. They came up with an amazingly effective presentation using two talented actors as the main characters and three playing revolving roles. In addition, WILDsound has provided post-win guidance. They’re cordial, helpful and quick to respond to questions. On one occasion, I emailed them at about two a.m. and was astonished when I received an immediate response. This is the first contest experience in which we really feel our screenplay is being actively promoted.
– VerLynn Kneifl
To Die in Tennessee, Feature Script

In response to your request to my thoughts about the feedback: Good overall and thoughtful. Nice work, and you can’t beat the price.
– Paul Myerberg
MURDERED BY THE IRS, Feature Screenplay

Thank you for the excellent feedback.
– Jeffrey VanDavis
THE HOTEL ROOM, Feature Screenplay

Thank you WILDsound Team for a very helpful/insightful critique of Godz of Clay
– JJ Palazzii
GODZ OF CLAY, Feature Screenplay

Thank you Wildsound! I heartily agree and genuinely appreciate the quality of feedback I’ve been getting lately.
– Tim, Light Films
Heroman, Feature Script

Thank you very much for your feedback. It is helpful and there are many suggestions I would like to study for my next rewrite. I appreciate the time it took to read and critique.
– Penny Frazier
Hockey Night In Cromdale, Feature Script

Thank you for your feedback, as this was my first attempt at writing of any kind, I will go back and use your notes to make it better, thank you.
– George and Mike
The Glades, Feature Script

Great notes. Thanks!
– Jeffrey C. Sherman
Walk In, Feature Script

Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely submit a rewrite.
– Olaf Baumann
Serendipit Strikes Again, Feature Script

I was able to take a look back at my previous screenplays feedback, after taking the time out of not thinking about it, and I amazed by how straight forward the feedback was.
– Taonga Mayamiko
The Catalyst, Feature Script

Wow! I absolutely agree with everything in this. This is really great feed back. I always thought those first scenes, were not necessary, but I kept them in on a recommendation from a friend.
– Carl Phats
The Golden Parachute, Feature Script

Thank you so much for the great notes. I will include your notes in our rewrite and we will be resubmitting — and also submitting other projects as well.
– Chad Parsons
Ohio Finch, Feature Script

Points well taken, you must take the viewer or reader through these things as you go—thanks for the “awakening.”
– Barbara James
Machine Guns on the Menu, Feature Script

Thanks, guys. Coverage was spot-on. Really appreciate the comments and suggestions. I’m looking forward to implementing them into the rewrite.
– Ted Gurich
Wolfie, Feature Script

In a nutshell, as you’ve asked at the bottom of the email, I’m very satisfied with this feedback.
– Robert Popiel
Boxer World, Feature Script

Thank you so much for this amazing feedback! Thank you so much again, and we will certainly consider all of this feedback in our next round of revisions.
– Daniel Guyton and Marilisa Walker,
A Woman’s Touch, Feature Script

Thanks again for the feedback. Food for thought for the next draft for sure.
– Warren Glover
DeCodeMe, Feature Script

Yes, there’s a lot to consider that I’ve also been thinking about – its an on going process for sure. thanks for the great feedback.
– Amy Guggenheim
When, Feature Script

Thank you for this feedback. I am always nervous to get feedback but this was really well rounded. I learned a lot and am excited to get to work on the next draft.
– Melissa Field
The Golden Torth, Feature Script

Many thanks for such positive and constructive feedback on False Hope…really got me thinking…so have taken on baord all what the reader has had to say…some great points there…
– Shane McCabe
False Hope, Feature Script

Cogent, intelligent, and useful. What a good feeling, to know that somebody out there “got it.”
– Gerald Fried
Sperm: The Musical, Feature Script

Thank you for your generous, nurturing, and comprehensive notes on my script. I think you have encapsulated the concerns that have been shifting around in my mind.
– Micheal Philip Davis
The Secrets of Lillian Gish, Feature Script

Thank you very much for the extensive and valuable feedback – lots of food for thought.
– Kevin Reynolds
Crossover, Feature Script

Thank you for your very careful reading and helpful comments. I keep learning so let’s hope this time I’ve got it right.
– Bonnie Toews,
Treason and Triumpth, Feature Script

Thank you very much for the great feedback, which is very helpful and gives me some great guidelines to polish the script. I will send you a new draft soon.
– Waldermar H. de Boer.
Lucent Sounds, Feature Script

Thank you so much for the review. All of your comments spoke to my concerns.
– Jeff Ginn,
Material Wealth, Feature Script

Thank you! You guys are fantastic! I appreciate your feedback and will make the suggested changes.
– Graham Ducker,
Persauding a Publisher, Feature Script

Thanks so much for the input. I have printed it out and will utilise it in starting another draft immediately. I really appreciate the critique and an opportunity to make it better.
– Charlie Flynn,
Holly Crown, Feature Script

By WILDsound Festival

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