A STRANGERS SMILE, Poetry by Julie Ismert

Genre: Political, Society, Life

by Julie Ismert

A village unrecognizable in its’ stillness
Shadows where buildings once stood
A child’s haunted eyes peer out of a crate made window
Sitting motionless, searching with melancholy anticipation
Possibilities of peace reduced to rubble
A boy, drifting on a dust filled road, tumbles to his knees
Foraging to find sustenance for his starving body
Both children have lost many and endured terrors
Left alone, frightened, forgotten casualties of war
Grieving, remembering faces of loved ones, now gone
Questioning whether they might be next
Stress and mental wounds permeate their existence
Until an intuition, a sense of hope reveals itself
As one child peers out, the other one looks up
Soldiers in convoys appear within the dust
A quiet whisper, urging the children to be quick
A rough hand grasping theirs, pulling them to safety
Confirming someone cares and love still exists
A soldiers’ smile, masking urgency
Wondering how many more will they save
How many will courageously die while trying
Hearts will ache and bleed when powerless
Seeing rescue coming too late for so many
The courage and self-sacrifice of our soldiers
Will forever endure in the hearts of those they saved
Time stands still, reunited, grateful for a loved ones’ kiss

About the Author:

I was born in Canoga Park, CA on October 10, 1950. I graduated from Canoga Park High School in 1968 with a scholarship to Mission Hills Medical College. I trained as a medical assistant although after a few years in that field I went on to train as an esthetician and stayed in that field for 22 years. I also worked as manager of Companion Animal Hospital for 10 years, a receptionist at Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital in Grass Valley, CA for 9 years and an Associate Donor Resource Consultant at Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center in Ottumwa, IA for 9 years. I am now living in Palmdale, CA and working as a full time caregiver for my Mother who is 91 years old. My hobbies include gardening, reading, writing, and cooking. I feel my greatest achievement at this time in my life is making a difference in my Mom’s life by assisting her as she has grown older, giving back to her as she has provided strength and personal fulfillment for me all my life.

    * * * * *

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