WALKING WITH GHOSTS, Poetry by Lucy Williams

Genre: Dark, Confession, Sad

by Lucy Williams

Kneeling in front of you, like a starving dog
I am confessing my sins
Be prepared to hate me as much as I do.

One cold, wet night many years ago
I finally found you.
So cold and wet was it that daggers seemed to fall from the sky in the shape of rain.
We stood staring each other in the eye,
Book-ending a rubbish strewn alleyway in the worst part of town.
With that confident smirk on your face I knew you thought I didn’t have it in me.
Brushing your sodden brown hair out of brown eyes, the rain sparkling off your long lashes in the lamp light, you told me as much.

But that was before I leveled the gun at your head,
Before I pulled the trigger
And before the bullet embedded into your skull.
Since then I have been walking with your ghost

Kneeling in front of you like a starving dog
I am confessing my sins, starting with you.
Are you prepared to load the gun?

Crunching over broken bottle and fag ends, I stand over you.
Those brown eyes of yours wide open, gazing beyond this world.
Lying in a sticky pool of your own blood,
I see you truly for the first time.
Like a mist rising from wet grass, your ghost hovers above your body
Forming it’s shape in my soul.
Your heart beating it’s steady rhythm next to mine.
Without a word or expression I leave you broken.
Walking through empty streets practically in a coma.
No one cares you have taken your last breathe,
Nor will they ever.
Reaching home, I shower away all traces of you.
In the steam rising off my body in the heat, I can see your face.
Our secrets should have died that night to
But you made sure they didn’t.
Because since then I have been walking with your ghost.

Kneeling in front of you, like a starving dog
I am confessing my sins.
I will hand you the gun.

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