Wounded Warriors, Poetry by Deborah Johnson

Genre: Rhyme, Political, War, Society

Wounded Warriors
by Deborah Johnson

When the young and innocent sign up to defend freedom with pride,

Knowing the possible sacrifice causing fearful questions deep inside.

Yet still defending freedom without regard to cost,

Against those enemies filled with evil, killing the weak and lost.

Narcissists doing whatever it takes from high in their ivory tower,

Evil spirits enjoying the battle, using pain and suffering to gain power.

Onward go the soldiers who stand for justice, and equal rights for all.

Fighting a war of flesh and blood, Standing up for the weak and small,

Generation after generation, father, mother, daughter, and son

Serve sacrificially and give of their life, their service in this life is done.

Thousands of others come home wounded, some more severely spoken.

Warriors coming home with severed limbs, hearts and minds wounded and broken.

Experiencing travesties no one should see that cannot be unseen.

God give us love, wisdom, and compassion for the AirForce, Army, Navy, Marine,

Coast Guard, Seals, and everyone it takes for us to be happy and free.

Let us never forget those among us, who gave up their lives for me.

God Bless America!

Father, as for your Son, Christ, who died upon the cross,

I thank you and I praise you for paying the ultimate cost. f5e6be3752d9f43b7c8392a30175d1b1[1]

His blood was shed to cover my sins, and make them white as snow.

Give me courage to share this price with the lonely and wounded as I go.

For people need the Lord, today, as they deal with heartache and sin.

Walking wounded are everywhere, looking to find freedom from all that is within.

Draw those I love that don’t know you, to your precious healing side.

Help them realize the gift you have, it was for them that YOU died.

* * * * *
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