I AM IN LOVE, Poetry by Maham A. Shah

Genre: Love, Religion, Love of Allah

by Maham A. Shah

In a state of reverie I am in

With the prettiest creature called love

Let me go wild

Let me breathe within

I feel like a playful dove

Ask the angels they speak right

For I have left the humans so far

About that lingers that strength in me

I love this Love above all

Leave me and my only soul

In a place so sacred in a place divine

I hereby stay awake

Let the night, Begone!

Let the day be held

I stay awake. Awake!

Do you sense the serenity what it brings to me

As I am touched by its gale

Leaves me devoid of my breath, O my life

And I say it’s sane it’s sane

I am falling in Love again

O’ Love

Do you hear me

O’ Love

Do you hear me

So deep


Let me be

All drowned

Come and take my soul away

Listen! It’s beating

Where my existence has shaked


I am pleading

Let this love in me burst today

Beyond their sights

In a land afar

I am toiling in Love

They say

Can it be more sweet

That my fear bleeds

And never my Good Ol’ Love betrays

And if I die here

What a painless death it is

    * * * * *

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