No Title, Poetry by Richard M Knittle Jr.

Genre: Dark, Sadness

No Title
by Richard M Knittle Jr.

Crises and confusion
In my heart mind and soul
I am battle inside of me
for what
I don’t know
Emotions running wild
Like I’m fourteen years
Old wanting love but
Afraid needing friends
Then push away
Writing epic love poems
Like I know love alone
In my mind
As my heart beat
Goes cold you can’t
Cure what is not
There as these
words keep flowing out
Of control am I happy or sad
Am I in sorrow or glad
Pick one or even two
Put not a hundred
or two thousand and two
I am human
That has a broken heart
I can’t filter these
emotions like i used
Too I have been weakend
By depression that i
Fight For you all
And that battles are epic
In my heart and my head
They PTSD I am broken
Forever that is what they
Said a disorder from
A tragic accident or break up or
War or death is this living
I would rather be dead
Than alone in the dark fighting
Battles that don’t exist
Over and over never
Peace in my head but
I know that I do
Help a few keep going
And I am solider
That will keeping fighting
Not just for me
But for anyone listening
So that they know that you
Don’t fight this alone someone
Does care I have fought
It forever and I will be there
To help you get through
The darkness and pain
To live a life in the sunlight and out
Of the rain a beacon of light for you to see
Someone does love you and that would be me
Richard M Knittle Jr
A survivor and a Poet same thing

Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Best Selling Award Winning
Author Writer Poet
2014 Top Social Influencer

The Battle Lost Productions

Artist use brushes that can paint you scene
writers can take you to places unseen
but poets can speak straight to your heart
in a way to make your soul dream

-Richard M Knittle Jr.

    * * * * *

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