Sand … An Interesting Thing, Poetry by Lizzie Heart

Genre: Rhyme, Society, Nature

Sand … An Interesting Thing
by Lizzie Heart

  • Middle of July
    Sun high in the sky
    Sweltering rays
    Melting me away
    Alright! I’m done
    Time for some fun
    Let’s head to the beach
  • Ocean wind in my hair
    Calming fresh air
    Soft ocean mist
    A girl could get used to this

    Walking along the coast line
    Admiring all that today is mine
    Stopping to go further in
    Letting the waves call me home to them

    Curling my toes in the cold, wet sand
    Waves tugging at my legs
    My toes holding where I stand
    It tickles, it tingles the sand moving all around
    As I sink deeper and deeper into the ground

    Sand is so infinitely small
    Yet soft enough to catch me when I fall
    Not so easy to hold just one single piece
    My mind starts to wonder how this sand became surrounded around me

    Sand is just so interesting
    Changing form to so many things
    Almost always something that glistens in the sun
    As if it always dreamt of being loved and admired, a new start for
    each one

    What a journey sand must take
    Starting from such a hard place
    Waves crashing and pounding against soild rock
    Waves don’t give up
    They take and take
    Until it breaks
    And here my dear friend is the birth of our sand

    Many pieces are breathed
    But waves do not set them free
    Maybe this is why
    Maybe this is when
    Our poor little sand starts to dream
    Dream of a different being

    Sand gets separated from sister and brother
    Sent to different seas
    So many beaches

    Waves constantly moving sand all around
    Never to be still
    Never to have a home on solid ground

    Awe but for our poor little sand
    Who dreamt of wishes and kisses
    Some dreams do come true
    If only for a few

    On one of these far off beaches
    A storm started to brew
    Rain poored and heavy winds blew
    Dark grey clouds filled the sky
    Then lighting began to strike

    With each electric shock
    Sand transformed into clear shiny rock
    The small sand that remained
    Shuttered in fear it would stay just the same
    “Pick me! Pick me!”
    It did it’s best to scream
    Lighting danced along the shore
    Until the storm was no more
    What once was sand,
    Now sparkling sea glass lined the worn out beach

    This glass in all its beauty
    Would be picked up the follow day
    By tourist, hunters, scavengers, and small children at play
    Transformed once more
    To some many things
    Glass statues, jewelry, priceless pieces of art
    Lucky for this sand
    Everything went according to plan

    Awe but this is not the only dream that came true
    As I mentioned there were a few
    For the sand that sways at the bottom of the seas
    Wishing to settle, finally be put down
    Just may end up on a crown

    For our poor little sand; your not going to like this
    But it’s trapped in a dark abyss
    Rough and bumpy up above
    Slimy and sticky where it feels pressured to stay
    Unable to move
    Its trapped in this smelly awful place
    No telling when it will get out.

    Days go by
    Then weeks and months
    All that pressure,
    Pushing and squeezing,
    Is causing a change
    To dark to see the new thing he could be

    Suddenly earth thrashed violently
    Our little friend bounce about
    “What’s happening!! Oh I wish I could get out”
    As if someone heard his longing wish
    A crack of a light gave our friend his longing kiss

    Out in the sun
    he now saw from where he came
    It wasn’t a hole,
    Not a dark smelly cave
    He had been stuck inside an oysters mouth
    And after forever long he had finally been ripped out

    Now out in the sun
    Our friend took a good look at himself
    Our friend, the sand grew and he grew inside that shell
    He grew with the most prefect round shape
    What a glorious shine
    Our changed little friend now can call mine
    Our friend the sand had become a wonderous pearl

    His dream to be loved and admired had more then come true
    His value and his worth are wanted by more then just a few

    Where will he end up?
    On the neck of a bride
    Ear of a wife
    Her Majesty’s ring
    Or perhaps the crown of a King

    In the end it doesn’t matter
    What once was sand
    To small to fight back against a wave
    Dreamt to be saved
    Now will be forever loved by everyone

    See what I mean. Isn’t sand an interesting thing!

      * * * * *

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