Deadline TODAY: FIRST SCENE (first 10pgs) SCREENPLAY FESTIVAL Get it performed at the festival. Full feedback

– Submit the first stages of your film, get it performed at the festival, and get full feedback!

WATCH past 1st Scene Festival readings:

Testimonials from people who submitted their 1st scene screenplay to the festival:

A great experience! This was the first contest I ever entered and I picked the right one! The feedback was wonderfully helpful and spot on, the administrator was responsive, and I was thrilled with the table read of my winning scene. What a rush to see my writing come to life! I’d recommend this contest for new and seasoned writers.
– Megan Bickel

The communication, organisation and feedback these guys offer are fantastic and scriptwriters of all disciplines and experience should be jumping at the service WILDsound provide. The best thing about it is they are as enthusiastic as you about your work. Thank you to everyone involved with WILDsound.
– Grant Reid

WILDsound has been a treasured consultant in every way. Their time and expertise are amazing and so supportive for our writing excellence and success. I’m forever grateful and will submit every future screenplay I write. Thank you!
– Elan Carlson

One of the biggest positives with this competition, besides how well things are run, is the feedback I received. The notes were so good that I was able to completely rewrite the screenplay and make it much stronger. The feedback also allowed me to strengthen the novel version of the screenplay that I’m currently writing.
– Robert Ward

By WILDsound Festival

Submitters reactions to their feedback on their stories. New testimonials coming each month! Watch this month's winning readings. At least 15 performances a month: Submit your script, story, poem, or film to the festival today:


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