WATCH Mid-Year 1st SCENE SCREENPLAY Winners (January-June 2017)

Watch the Winning 1st SCENE Screenplay winners for the first half of 2017:   1st SCENE Screenplay – GOOD INTENTIONS June 2017 Readingby Sandy Tovray Greenberg 1st SCENE Screenplay – GRAVITY’S PULL June 2017 Readingby Robert Sivigny 1st SCENE Screenplay – AVES May 2017 Reading by 1st SCENE Screenplay – ROUND TRIP May 2017 Reading… Continue reading WATCH Mid-Year 1st SCENE SCREENPLAY Winners (January-June 2017)


A great experience! This was the first contest I ever entered and I picked the right one! The feedback was wonderfully helpful and spot on, the administrator was responsive, and I was thrilled with the table read of my winning scene. What a rush to see my writing come to life! I’d recommend this contest for new and seasoned writers.