Only Until Boredom Strikes, Poetry by Rayanne Banaga

Genre: Inspirational, Relationship, Hurt, Funny

Only Until Boredom Strikes
by Rayanne Banaga

They tell you a lot about damaged people
about how you shouldn’t love them
about how you shouldn’t romanticize them
You’ll only end up hurt when you cant fix them
Ive never heard the story of the ones who do fix them
I assume we all just accredited that to the fact that its never been done
i mean after all, if it was possible we’d never hear the end of it
Who wouldn’t want those kind of bragging rights?
Well here’s the coveted truth:
it is possible.
its been done.

What they don’t tell you is what happens when you do fix someone
What happens when the damaged is no longer damaged?
Everyone lives happily ever after?
But only until boredom strikes
Because the secret to healing the damaged is being damaged
And thats what it takes
Anyone capable of healing does so by loving
But these people are capable only of loving the damaged

    ‘i will take you flaws and all
    rest your fears on my shoulder
    i’ll embrace all your insecurities
    and i will love every piece of you that you cant bring yourself to love
    i will make you feel better, i promise’

But only until boredom strikes
The damaged are like a puzzle
but who wants to play with a puzzle once its been solved?
Nobody knows what to do with it so they admire it briefly
and then they move on to the next puzzle

I suppose we never hear these stories because the fixers are off
trying to figure out if they are the most selfish beings in the world
or the most
But its a story that needs to be told
Because for every impossible task there is a gallant knight in a shining armour
ready to brave all odds
and fight the impossible battle

well fuck you superhero asshole
You leave those damaged damsels in their cells and towers
with their pet dragons who keep them safe

    * * * * *

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