Happy, Poetry by Samrat Rudra

Genre: hurt, dark, death, sad —–  When I was happy I didn’t bother to care that people are dying, orphans are crying I satisfied that I am here… Here so happy and cherish and good But still I wish for more, But what about the beggars on street or people who died ashore.. I am… Continue reading Happy, Poetry by Samrat Rudra

Ottawa, Poetry by Forrest Jamie

Genres: Friendship, Hurt, Painful, Sad, Abandoned Ottawa (10.27.2015) by Forrest Jamie I can’t make you miss me. I can’t pull the words from your throat and I sure as hell can’t make you care. I can’t sit you down in front of me and beg for honesty and I can’t make you listen. That’s the hardest part, I… Continue reading Ottawa, Poetry by Forrest Jamie