After Sunset, Poetry by Javane Stewart

Genre: Rhyme, Nature, Inspiration

After Sunset
by Javane Stewart

Why is that with the fall of the sun I lose my mind?
Or it goes on a night long journey to thoughts unkind
The sun’s absence accounts for a lot sometimes
As soon as it sets, the mind of a loner chimes
For me, this is the time I start writing another piece
Of how lonely it is and how I try to reach a state of peace
But I never get the chance to complete them
I hope this doesn’t turn out to be another unfinished gem
Because it’s after sunset when you come to realize
How alone you really are or just a little joy in disguise
No matter how hard you try to prevent it
There’s no holding on to your own spirit
As it gets lost within thoughts of a distant dimension
To the world around, you no longer pay attention
Because it’s after sunset when you come to realize
That you’re trapped in a state that you can’t recognize
Thoughts centered on your own existence
The road to euphoria, can you go the distance
But not to fear, you’ve been gone for so long
That in a few moments you can open your eyes as the sun comes along.

    * * * * *

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