Full moon, Poetry by Adams Duniya

Genre: Nature, Beauty, Life, Uncertainties, Hope. Full moon by Adams Duniya This bald asterisk Over cottoned sky-high: Wide-height, with silver hue Has thou cast. In slow-line crawl By soft retractile attendance – Resolute for celestial harmony, Has heavens splendour, thou calmed. Let thy pseudo feet – Ever soiled in resoled purpose All earthly heaving, suck;… Continue reading Full moon, Poetry by Adams Duniya

WATER!, Poetry by Sinjini Sengupta

GENRE: Hope, Hurt, Philosophical, Relationships, Love, Nature   WATER! by Sinjini Sengupta   Here – I lend myself again. Here – I let myself vulnerable. Here – I offer myself to you.   To be used!       You like it; it is the way you wanted it.   I like it too, at first.   I don’t let… Continue reading WATER!, Poetry by Sinjini Sengupta