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Full moon, Poetry by Adams Duniya

Genre: Nature, Beauty, Life, Uncertainties, Hope.

Full moon by Adams Duniya

This bald asterisk
Over cottoned sky-high:
Wide-height, with silver hue
Has thou cast. In slow-line crawl
By soft retractile attendance –
Resolute for celestial harmony,
Has heavens splendour, thou calmed.

Let thy pseudo feet –
Ever soiled in resoled purpose
All earthly heaving, suck;
And every sigh’s brim
With sensuality, smear.

O, attenuate my love
I behold Sky Boy! –
It’s baby-hour-out; but
To what do we owe this visiting?
Let those tales recycle
And us, wisdom re-hear!

Trace thy trails
To the firth thou please;
Thy silent symphony holds
Our hearts to solemn assembly.
Nature has moulded thee sybarite;
The heavens have crafted thee sylph.

To our vain pilgrimage here below
Render a surfeit of thy grace
And galvanize us against the scourging
Sun of life. But night: of evil souls,
Do not leave us to it –
When thy health’s beginning to ebb.

* Taken from my book, “Polygons” – By Didam G.A. Duniya
(Partridge Publishing, 2015 | https://www.amazon.com/Polygons-Didam-GDuniya/dp/1482805812)

    * * * * *

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WATER!, Poetry by Sinjini Sengupta

GENRE: Hope, Hurt, Philosophical, Relationships, Love, Nature


WATER! by Sinjini Sengupta


Here – I lend myself again. Here – I let myself vulnerable. Here – I offer myself to you.


To be used!




You like it; it is the way you wanted it.


I like it too, at first.


I don’t let myself think what comes next.






Because, I know that all too well already.


No, it won’t change.


But then, who can stop me from thinking it would,


At least this one time?





And then, it comes. As it was always meant to do.


My wounds open, my heart bleed, my lungs feel gripped. I let you rip me off. My inside, my whole.


I break. I split into pieces, tiny and then tinier.


Here, I lose myself. Again.




And then, I see myself – in pieces so futile that no one notices. I can’t recognize myself.


In fact, it’s perhaps not even the same me that was. I am not myself, again.


I have lost all my power and all my strength. Worse, I knew it all the time when this was happening to me. Step by step.


And even worse, I have known this before. And yet I did let myself.




You don’t turn around to look back at me. Of course.


If you did, you wouldn’t have found me either!




And then, someday, I will float again. In the air, among the space. All around you. I hope to see you be merry. I’ll smile at you, too.


But you’d hardly know.


And then, I will ascend. I will not look back again. Just like you did.


I’ll arise and arise, and rise yet more.





And then, someday, it will drizzle…


And I’ll come upon you – all over, again.


I’m sure you’d love the rain. Won’t you?


Oh, I so love to be used!



    * * * * *

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