Overcome, Poetry by Rhoda J.

Categories: hope, love, loss, tender heart, return, promise, loved one, lover.

Overcome by Rhoda J.

I tread my feet alongside my heavy heart,
Hoping one day you will join me again.
Though you only desire your misery to lead you
Not wanting anyone to understand.
So push through, for I push through
Fears do not hold me
They lead you along
A road that only you can follow
Drenched with calm I will Lay
Against your empty touch
That’s stolen my tenderness Away.
Walk alongside your reflection,
Your back shuns my shadow,
I draw near and you draw far
Closer to a dimmed moon
In the air of the still night
Like a hungry wolf searching the mountain
To pull water from an empty well.
With dismay, you will return
Empty soul and a strong stride
Nothing is left for you to wonder
But what was there plunged deeper
For truth cannot be dispersed
If it was meant for you to belong.
Reach inside and hold on
And cross paths again,
What you seek is what you have already found.

    * * * * *

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