Then you wake up, Poetry by Donna J. Loewen

Genre: Inspirational

Then you wake up
by Donna J. Loewen

It happened slowly. You don’t know when.
You felt confused. Not sure what happened.
Then you wake up.

It’s all your fault. Not sure why.
What did I do. I should have shut up.
Then you wake up.

You say you’re sorry. It never works.
Do better you say. I shouldn’t have done it.
Then you wake up.

Each time you disagree. It just gets worse.
You walk on egg shells. Don’t rock the boat.
Then you wake up.

You try to do better. It doesn’t work.
Your damned if you do. Your damned if you don’t.
Then you wake up.

You lie to your family. You lie to your friends.
You say all is alright. You dare not tell the truth.
Then you wake up.

You look in the mirror. You don’t know who you are.
You lost your self worth. You wonder what your deserve.
Then you wake up.

You feel ashamed. What have I become.
How did this happen. What have I done.
Then you wake up.

You think your crazy. You believe your horrible.
You love them so much. You defend them to others.
Then you wake up.

The day will come. You’ve had enough.
Your heart and mind. No longer in conflict.
Then you woke up.

You finally see. You are deserving.
You love yourself. Your finally alive.
Your Awake!


    * * * * *

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