CANCER, Poetry by C.M. Krishack

Genre: family, death, and sadness.

by C.M. Krishack

Like a thief in the night,

you come into our lives.

One minute we are able,

the next we are condemned.

Your methods are not restricted,

your victims are not selective,

you are merciless and forbidding,

callous and bold.

You take no prisoners,

yet you leave us imprisoned.

You attack with no sympathy,

you leave lives in shambles.

Hearts forever shattered,

words never articulated,

families forever broken-

you are our adversary

yet never motivated.

You leave us speechless,

but screaming till the end.

Screams of “Why?”

Screams of “Help!”

But our voices are just memories

left behind.

The essence of those lost

are left comforting the living.

Those that have met you

will live to remember you.

Your name is unspoken

but whispered in the lives

you have claimed-


    * * * * *

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