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Genre: War, People


Embrace impact,

Slower the thinker,

History is stigma.

Sleep not deeper

Join me in commissioning
‘Operation Boko_haram extinguisher’.

Over the night our girls

Might never return.

Courage beats fear,

Sweat for peace or

Bleed at war.

Call time a ghost,

Time to extinguish Boko_haram

Including her host.

Immediate cultivation of

Nationalistic seeds through the

North, Africa and beyond.

Improve dreams of me,

And fatherless playing naked

Underneath Sambisa’s leaves.

With equal sacrifice

Authority doesn’t involve guns,

Camouflage protects love, as

Civilisation and conscience

Seasonally evolve.

    * * * * *

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JASMINE NO MORE, Poetry by Daniel Hefty

Genre: War, Political, People, Society

by Daniel Hefty

I wake up in the night thinking about children
not mine but yours
you broken mothers
snatched from security and comfort
thrust into a divide uncrossable
left at the bottom of the rubble
from a sectarian blanket bombing campaign for peace
and domination

You wanted something you had no right to request
democracy would never replace the Shahs and Kings
did you believe they cared about God more than power
as they hauled off your sons and husbands
in the springtime of their lives
the Arab spring
as fire and brimstone rained down from the sky

I see vast expanses of barren mountain desert
scattered with scant shrubs and giant boulders
hand planted by Allah
moonlight catches up to the shadows
traversing a border into the unknown
where pregnant mothers will give birth to offspring
who will never have a land to call home

Charity packed on trucks
tangled in red tape and cease fires
no medicine exists to quiet screams of pain
brought on by seeking freedom
where none can be obtained
the dream turned on them
and cut them off

If you have nothing you are nothing
no papers no proof, no proof no help
humanitarianism twenty first century style
orphans never fear becoming widows
for they have no fathers to give them away
but how many orphans end up as prostitutes

no one wishes to say

I see a toddler passed out in the noonday sun
slumpt into the depressions of a jet black burka sitting on the street
lifeless, the pose instantly elicits sympathy
until you know the child’s been drugged by the arms that hold them
but nothing is done, no one will stand up for the unwanted
disrupting the balance they never wanted to be weighed amongst
children always receive the shortest measure in war

Slumlords and pedophiles circle like vultures
shop owners become slave owners overnight
schooling is replaced by work, books by brooms
childhood ended when the first bomb fell
which erased their Mosque and blew their school to hell
scattering them to the wind
to fall like debris on unwelcoming lands

Weekly whole families drift painlessly off to sleep
as the tiny UN heaters deliver carbon monoxide dreams
of the paradise that awaits them as they huddle in their tents
freezing and starving
soon the neighbors will want them to move on
with their problems and children
without a home

I have the right to say this because I have been to the source
I’ve seen the agony and outcome of this war first hand
the optometrist has blinded the world to his crimes
killing his own sons and daughters
while westerners watch for an opportunity to cash in
on the chaos they created in the first place
but no children crossed their minds

On the border between Syria and Lebanon I met a man
who had lost everything he owned
he had sent his wife and children on ahead towards Beirut
he told them he would follow soon
instead he turned as they drove out of sight and headed back to Syria
to rejoin the fight
and bury his brother, facing east

Seven million people, seven fucking million people displaced
and Christianity could give a damn
that western greed brought this all upon them
while they withheld aid and intervention
when the civilians were dying by the hundreds in Aleppo and Homs
the news gave them thirty seconds
which most of the world missed

It’s spring time again
the jasmine flower fell from its place of pride
four years ago and has never recovered
it’s roots twisted, it’s beauty destroyed
seeds cast to the wind unable to reroot
to eventually rest in the ruins
of what was a civilized habitation

I wake up in the night thinking about children
my children
and how they better get it right
how important it is they stand up for others
who can’t
because one day not to far away
this all could happen to them.

Daniel Hefty
American Muslim
april 2015

    * * * * *

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True Source, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

Genre: Rhyme, People, Relationship

True Source
by Patsy Jawo

My style, my finesse, my grace
My guile, my invents, my name
No dreams do I thus chase
All my greatest achievements created
Games ever played for the raid
Ah the sweetest investments made
I am my fate, master and king
The captain of this massive ship
Steered and glided along this strip
Of life, love and laughter for eternity
I follow the wind wherever it goes
And cruise with water as he flows
My rhythm, growth and destiny
Converged to atone via music
I now do the totem moon dance
Strictly for free and still spirits
Harmonised as the setting of the sun
No guns, violence, lies or hatred
Plenty puns, shutters and baking
Of buns, cakes, biscuits all in tins
Tasty, shared and delightfully eaten
My flags fly high and soar the sky
My smile brightens up overcast parts
And mends every broken heart
When pretence steers us off course
I am the navigator to ensure
Every path returns to its true source

    * * * * *

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Appearances. Poetry by Patsy Jawo

Genre: Rhyme, People, Relationship

by Patsy Jawo

I am in business of life not work
Organised with all not victimised
Shadows in turn crop the spectrum
Reflections of projections long lost in battle
Souls in limbo crying, dying, tormented
Salvation a choice not taken yet always waiting
A life of aching, hating and faking not worth living
Taking more than one should and still expecting more
Giving nothing or less than required, still we complain
Being saved and blessed endlessly, no appreciation
Praying only for that which we want, not for the good of all
Ignoring that which we need for vanity, ego and lust
Seeking peer approval and making comparisons when each is perfect as is
Inadvertently lodging cancerous memories who only want to be free
Insisting we know it all when our cluelessness has never been more evident
Hunting, handling and being hoarders of unnecessary information
Serving only to drown us in ignorance and keep us further away from truth
Assuming we have the full picture with the slight amount we consciously process
Feeling pride, arrogance and superiority as seeming tools we created but which are unreal
Living lives as though these illusions we have come to believe are real
Refusing to accept there is more to existence than appearances
Acting with no self-pity, giving thoughts about failure and loss power to dwell
Being victims, pretending blindness and sabotaging self by getting in one’s own way
Carelessly risking all lives with ridiculous thinking when everything can be overcome
Stop already I say! It is time to live greatly, abundantly and with inner eyes open with faith
Agreeing that we are more than enough as we are and nothing diminishes us
Above all that the love we are is beyond anything we think we know or understand
And there can be no greater power than that which we allow to manifest

    * * * * *

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Pain Gain, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

Genre: Life, People

Pain Gain
by Patsy Jawo

Stomach twisting pain
Surely death has come
I am alive
But how come

Brought me down
To my knees
Another reminder
Human mortality
Just how fragile
I am humbled

To feel pain
Is to be alive
To not thrive
Is to die
Life is the gain
From pain and strife

Momentary pain
How long this moment
Times of happiness
Periods of sorrow
It’s all or nothing

A big part of us
These emotions take
To remind of life
Not to define us
To wake our feelings
Not kill our being

I focus hard
Away from grief
That I may find
A helping hand
And come through this

Tis my journey
This my learning
My slice of life
To feel this gripe
Tis my yearning
To see this through

Find myself
Know myself
Grow myself
Through the pain
And the gain
Love my life, love my Self 

    * * * * *

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The Other Side, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

Genre: Rhyme, People

The Other Side
by Patsy Jawo

There is good inside me
And I have learnt to show it
There is beauty inside me
And I have learnt to accept it
There is love inside me
And I have learnt to share it

Good people fill this world
And I now attract them
Great experiences await
And I now explore them
Abundance is my birthright
And I have claimed it all

Beauty all around me
Clearer than the dawn light
Power lies within me
Awaits my awareness
Amazing things are found
If only I seek them

Make of this what you will
Your reality thus
Not because it is true
So it is just to you
For your world you create
Your state of mind dictates

Immense freedom of choice
Always you have a voice
To influence within you
That which is without you
Right now with no excuse
Is when you get to choose

    * * * * *

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Strong Man, by Patsy Jawo

Genre: People, Life

Strong Man
by Patsy Jawo

My strong man
Grief is here
The load heavy
Ready or not

Your soul asks
That to which
No answer exists
No man knows

Be strong they say
Be a man they say
But what is Strong?
And what is Man?

Man is Strong
Man is Weak
Strong yet Weak
Weak yet Strong

Strength is a flaw
As hardness cracks
Weakness a force
Softness toughens

Fear not weaknesses
Fear nothing at all
Strong men take courage
In their whole being

Strong men know they’re strong
Real men know they’re weak
When all’s said and done
Knowledge is power

The irony is this:
Your strength is your weakness
For it is displayed to all
Your weakness is your strength
For it is hidden from all

    * * * * *

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