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The Street I Lived, Poetry by Chey Laine

 Genre: Life, Society, Dark, True Story, People

In the brilliance of the night
screaming believers rage the streets of plenty
looking for holes in hope
needles and thread they carry in the plenty
band aids won’t help here ~ friends
there’s more than enough of the ill and the lost to live on
and here with the wheelers and dealers
the screaming believers and do gooders’ and not so good at doing much
Is someones little taste of paradise
thats all gone to shit

Down here with the lost and ill chills
There’s a taste for lost souls
Where the angels fly close to the ground
many a feather seen found
being worn in one of the lost crowns
For they are all Kings and Queens here

From times of once before and could have been and dreams
Yes dreams ~ There are dreamers here
those that will forever be lost in a dream
Mostly its nightmares and fallen frowns
that now blanket over once upon a time smiles

Here the smudged out blackbird eyes wear misery
thats been stubbed out like a coal butt
burnt down to its filter
to suck up the grease and shit off the street

Such is the movements of notes here
Conducted by the skinned boned pimps
that smile with croc teeth
hungry for fresh meat

Here is my street
here is where I was found
in the lost and found
here is where I lived my youth
taken by the smile of croc teeth
here is the place where I dreamed of escape
and lived nightmares
here is the place I will sometimes return
to remind me
life is priceless
come true
to get out
mine came with a price

Loss of life
the sentence
to carry for the term of my life

By @beezknez aka beezlaine on Twitter
Kind Regards Chey Laine off Twitter :))



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Genre: War, People


Embrace impact,

Slower the thinker,

History is stigma.

Sleep not deeper

Join me in commissioning
‘Operation Boko_haram extinguisher’.

Over the night our girls

Might never return.

Courage beats fear,

Sweat for peace or

Bleed at war.

Call time a ghost,

Time to extinguish Boko_haram

Including her host.

Immediate cultivation of

Nationalistic seeds through the

North, Africa and beyond.

Improve dreams of me,

And fatherless playing naked

Underneath Sambisa’s leaves.

With equal sacrifice

Authority doesn’t involve guns,

Camouflage protects love, as

Civilisation and conscience

Seasonally evolve.

    * * * * *

Deadline: FREE POETRY Festival – Get poem made into a MOVIE and seen by 1000s. Three options to submit: