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Turning Novels/Short Stories into movies – Watch the First Film Diamond and the Fosters Part 1

I am so proud to announce the revealing of our new enterprise. We are turning novels and short stories into movies. We just completed our first film:

Diamond’s Family Tree – Children’s Story written by Michael David Weis

WATCH NOW – In just a week it has already garnered over 1400 views:


BUY NOW on Amazon – The entire poetic novel of this amazing story.

Written by Michael David Weis

Illustration by Matthew Avant

Narration by Becky Shrimpton

Editing and Visual Design by Yujin Song

Produced by Matthew Toffolo

This will be the beginning of a long series of amazing stories turned into movies. I am filled with excitement, nerves, insecurity, confidence, and determination all rolled up to one giant ball that is stuck in my gut. Hope you enjoy.

Interested in turning your Story into a Movie. CLICK HERE and find out how:

Novel and Short Story Readings. Writing Festival Review

In early 2014, the WILDsound Writing Festival transitioned to performing novel and short story readings using professional actors in Toronto.

So far, we have performed at least one winner every single month. And next year we plan on performing at least 2 a month, including transcripts from full novels.

Take a look and listen:

This month we also added our new feature where we are now turning short stories and novels into movies! Our first novel turned movie was completed 5 days ago and already it has garnered over 1100 hits:

There is a deadline approaching for Short Story and Novel Festivals. Garner FULL FEEDBACK on your story and get it performed at our festival:


1st CHAPTER and NOVEL Festival:

Also, you can read recent writers submission reactions on the feedback on their work:

Recent testimonials:

Interesting feedback. I too have come to the same conclusion you have. I will resubmit, rewriting the opening chapter and taking out the narration of the dead man. I was seduced by the idea, but agree he becomes a distraction and a filter.
– Elisabeth Appell
Elements of Betrayal, 1st chapter book

Thank you for the festival and the feedback. This book hit its target. To provide a broad base from which others can continue the story.
– Roland Hughes
John Smith: Last Known Survivor

Thanks for your insightful and highly constructive comments on my novel submission, “Victoria The First”. Clearly, your reader(s) read the manuscript carefully and thoroughly. Your overall assessment of “a great read” has encouraged me to dive back in and tell this story the way I know I can.
– Bill Osinski
Victoria The First: A Novel, Full Novel

Thanks for your thoughtful critique. And how you pin-pointed all of the many grammatical errors in this novel draft. The notebook passages were meant in part to convey that vitally important moral and political distinction (Ariel is something of a marxist for a reason, after all). I am sorry it was not made more clear in the narrative. Again, thanks for reading my novel with such care.
– Christopher Bernard
Voyage to a Phantom City, Full Novel

Hope you enjoy and hope to see you submit.


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