WILDsound Performer: ANDREW FARR

See the 100s of actors who performed at the Writing Festival in 2015:http://www.wildsoundfestival.com/wildsound_performers.html ANDREW FARR: http://www.wildsoundfestival.com/andrew_farr.html Height: 5’8 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue/Green Andrew is a terrific young actor with a wide range. He’s definitely on the rise. Watch Andrew perform in the selection screenplays: Feature SCRIPT – I’M STILL HERE June 2015 Reading Written by… Continue reading WILDsound Performer: ANDREW FARR

Feature Script Performance: I’M STILL HERE, by Sean Elwood (plus interview)

My experience (working with WILDsound) has been a great one. The festival’s crew has been extremely helpful with their critique toward my screenplay to help make it better and easier to read, and the comments they left will remain with me as I venture on to new screenplays and stories. The readings of my script have allowed me to see the story and the characters come to life—something every screenwriter wants to see, I’m sure.

– Writer Sean Elwood (WILDsound Festival Review)