Part 1 – War Feature Film Pitches and Loglines

War Screenplay Festival Contest. Due Date August 31st: Part 1 – War Feature Film Movie Pitches: Title: The Frank Wills Story Written by: Ann Iwobi Genre: Biopic Type: FEATURE SCRIPT Title: InvasionEarth.2055 Written by: Travis Watkins Genre: Sci-Fi/War/Fantasy Type: FEATURE SCRIPT Title: FEROCIOUS: John Paul Jones and Catherine the Great Written… Continue reading Part 1 – War Feature Film Pitches and Loglines

Today’s FEATURE SCREENPLAY Logline/Pitches

Submit your FEATURE SCREENPLAY by Nov. 30th and SAVE $15 off regular submissions. FULL FEEDBACK on all submissions. Get your script performed by professional actors. Today’s FEATURE SCRIPT Logline Poste: 1. Title: FREE Written by: Bill Haran Genre: Action 2. Title: BROKEN Written by: Carlos Burley Genre: Action, Suspense 3. Title: OWNER’S… Continue reading Today’s FEATURE SCREENPLAY Logline/Pitches